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If you know what you want, you can book a video shoot right now in under two minutes, or if you’d like to talk to one of our Creative Producers, book a call with them below and scope out your ideas!

We love creating videos and telling stories - it's our thing.

You have an amazing product, an awesome offer and outstanding customer service, you just don’t know how to tell the right people, the right message in the right way – well, that’s where we come in.

Tell Stories

Create compelling stories that shape your target customer's perception and build your brand identity.
Think: Branding, Events, Launches, Overviews, Culture

Educate Customers

Identify a problem, and show how your brand solves it. These types of videos are a fantastic sales tool.
Think: Explainers, Tips, Demos, Testimonials, Courses

Inspire Action

Whether you're trying to sell a product or service, or recruit a new team member, you need to inspire the action.
Think: Promotional, Sales, Deals, Direct to Market

You can work with us in 3 easy ways

Whether you’re after a one video, or many across the Australia, nothing is too big or small.hfvg

Single Project

Our team of creators will bring your vision to life with this end-to-end production service. No video is too big or too small - we can do it.

Content Packages

Our content packages are a fantastic way to build a bank of videos and photos for you to use across all of your digital channels. Perfect for today's fast paced landscape.

Monthly Partnership

When you choose to partner with Video Domain on a monthly basis, you'll never be short of amazing content. Take your brand to another level, every month.

Let's create videos that are perfect for each platform.

Videos that are produced with intent and purpose, to attract, engage and convert views into sales.


Facebook video sky-rocketed in 2016 and video has held strong on the platform ever since. From brand awareness to Lead Generation, Facebook is a must for most brands.
Organic & Paid Advertising Videos


While TikTok is the new kid on the block and often overlooked by most companies, it provides a unique boost in free organic views - and is a tool you should consider.
Huge Potential for Larger Organic Audiences


YouTube is the 'OG', and has dominated the video landscape since 2004. Owned by Google, YouTube videos are an amazing way to sky-rocket your SEO results.
Long Form Video, Google Ads, SEO Boosters


If you are a company with a B2B offering, or perhaps looking to recruit new staff, LinkedIn is an amazing platform that saw huge growth in 2019/2020.
Recruitment, B2B, Company News


If you are recruiting new staff, a recruitment video can really depict the culture quickly and make the entire process more time efficient. Applicants who don't match what they see usually won't apply.
Recruitment, Culture


Television - actually this might be the OG. Where it all started. Still an industry leader when it comes to results, TV advertising is an effective way to brand to the masses.
Disclaimer: No free steak knives.

We work with some of Australia's favourite brands

And we make a lot of content - for businesses of any size

Every month, Video Domain helps businesses of all sizes, across a huge range of industries, create almost 400 videos per month nationwide, and that number is continually growing. We are an on-demand video production agency, with a growing national network of high quality, vetted creators all over the country. We create videos that leave lasting impressions, bringing your business the attention it deserves, at a price you can afford. Videos that are backed by over a decade of experience, marketing strategy & uncompromising processes.

We manage it all & collaborate with you in our app


     Features Include:

  • Real-time Collaboration
  • Live Project Status Updates
  • Live Video Revisions for faster editing
  • Instant Message Your Film Crew
  • One home for all of your video links
  • All-in-one Video Management Platform

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