Is your business paying attention to its LinkedIn presence? If not, check our top 5 reasons as to why you should be! 

Top 5 Reasons Your Business Needs LinkedIn:

  1. Building Reputation: LinkedIn is a great marketing tool that provides a platform for a business to upload their company’s stories, which can be done through posts, videos, photos, etc. This helps to develop trust and subject matter authority through updates and customer recommendations.
  2. Networking: LinkedIn is more professional when compared to other social media platforms. Being active on your LinkedIn profile shows that you are invested in your industry and participate in business communities. LinkedIn is an invaluable way to connect with people that can turn into potential clients, customers and even employees.
  3. Promoting your business: Through a company page it is easy for the business to communicate what they have to offer. When posting on LinkedIn you have the ability to tailor your message to different industries, demographics and groups which is a great advantage to expanding your target audience.
  4. Building your brand: LinkedIn is a great way to grow your business. Whether you are posting about the products you sell or sharing links to your website this is all encouraging foot traffic to your website. Therefore expanding your brand presence.
  5. Attracting New Talent: As mentioned above LinkedIn is a great place to connect with new clients, customers and employees.
LinkedIn is a great place for your business to strengthen its reputation, promote your services and attract new employees. It should form part of your wider business growth and marketing strategy. 

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