About Video Domain

We are Video Domain and we help people like yourself to book shoots and create videos anywhere in Australia. We started in 2018, when Dylan Webber had the idea to start building a national platform of high-quality vetted videographers, with the intention to create an app that allows people to book shoots anywhere.

Our network now 200+ videographers strong, aims to help marketing managers, agencies and multi-market corporates book shoots anywhere and only need to explain their project brief to a Video Domain producer once. We take it from there! We are collaborative, flexible and love to work end to end with our clients to bring their vision to life. 

We create over 400 videos every month for our clients, and we manage it all through the Video Domain app, which is available in the appstores.

We don't just create videos for our clients, we focus on relationships.

We place such a high value on our relationships with our clients. That’s why we try to add as much expertise as we can throughout the planning process, so that our clients end up with strategically focussed content that will achieve results for their brand. 


Your brand fundamentally relies on how well you can tell your brand’s story. Here at Video Domain, story telling gives us goosebumps and we are suckers for finding your story.

Trust by over 300 clients around Australia

Over 400 Videos Created Each Month

Over 200 Vetted Videographers in Australia

Our App Is Available Now For Android & IOS

How does the app work?

Video Domain is designed to connect businesses who need video content, with creators who specialise in shooting video in that field. We are a multi-market solution for brands needing to create videos across multiple cities and towns. 


From planning to upload, Video Domain works with you throughout the entire process to ensure we bring your vision to life. 


The Video Domain app means you only need to explain your brief once to one of our producers, and they’ll save you time by engaging our directory and finding the best shooter for your projects needs. This comes down to what kind of camera, lenses, drones, lights, mics, gimbals or any other gear the creator might be using. It’s knowing the difference between an A7sii and an A7siii, or what it means when a creator asks you if you’d like to shoot in 50fps, 100fps and the like. Our Producers are videographers at heart and understand the ins and outs of the video world. This includes gear, showreels, where they were taught and what they actually love shooting.


After everything is shot, the footage is uploaded into the Video Domain cloud-based software, where our editors in Brisbane then get to work.

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Not sure what type of video you need?

Book in a free call with one of our expert producers who can guide you and learn more about your needs.

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