Corporate video or promotional video - What's the difference?

Did you know that 87% of advertisers use video as a marketing tool?*


Video is everywhere – on TV, on social media, on billboards … Video content is easy to absorb and is extremely effective, especially amongst a younger audience. This is why apps and platforms such as TikTok, Snapchat, YouTube, and others are so popular. The most user-focused websites will also take advantage of video content where suitable.

Promotional video is an advertising tool – it is designed to promote a product, service, attraction or event. It demonstrates how the product or service works, and how it provides solutions to an area of consumer need, promoting brand recognition and familiarity. Examples of promotional videos include advertising of new products and storytelling that relates directly to a brand.

Promotional video:

  • Is consumer-focused
  • Is entertaining
  • Is short
  • Produced for online broadcast
  • Is sales-focused
  • Is shareable

According to dropshipping app Oberlo, demand for video content among consumers is growing, both as entertainment and also as a branding tool. As such, it’s a powerful tool for marketing. But not all video content is created for promotional purposes – and corporate video is also evolving and becoming ever more important to businesses.

What is a Corporate Video?

Corporate video does not focus specifically on a product or a service but on the core business itself. It advocates for and improves upon a business’s branding and transparency, to generate leads and invest consumers in the vision of the company for greater engagement.

When you have a great corporate video, you’ll become more memorable to consumers, and they’ll have you at the forefront of their minds when it’s time for them to seek the products or services you offer.

Corporate video:

  • Is business/brand focused
  • Well suited to B2B marketing
  • May be used solely within the business
  • Explains rather than sells products and services

Types of Corporate Videos

There is an array of different types of corporate video, and each has a niche role.

Company Profile Video
Introduces your business to potential stakeholders and customers. Concise, it provides a broad overview of the business /company and what it offers. Include the company’s history, mission statement, values, ethos, purpose, and CEO message to drive engagement.

Branding Video
Brand awareness and desire is the key to reliable and enthusiastic customer loyalty. This type of video has a strong focus on visual themes and maintains the company’s brand identity through tone, colours, fonts, and design.

Social Media Video
A short video created to elicit shares and engagement, it highlights the brand to niche groups of followers and target consumers. It will be captivating and offer humour or an emotional response in the viewer.

Recruitment Video
Captivate the attention of potential job applicants by producing a video which documents the culture of your company and the appeal of becoming part of your team.

Testimonial Video
What could be more authentic than a video testimonial? Trigger trust, familiarity, and desire by including video testimonials for your brand, product, or service, especially when they are presented by a celebrity or industry leader.

Industrial Video
Industry-specific, this type of video is ideal for B2B marketing, investor education, and fundraising, and will often be suitable for broadcasting at a trade show or similar event.

Conferencing Video
Create videos of industry conferences so that delegates can not only look back on their experience but also that the content presented can be shared with those unable to attend.

Internal Communication Video
Share information with your existing customers or within your company – these videos can be crafted to inform and explain everything from company policy to upcoming projects, employee inductions to staff incentives, provide how-to’s and training, and reflect on milestones reached.

Social Responsibility Video
Demonstrate how your company or brand is supporting the local community. Do you donate a percentage of sales to a specific charitable fund? Do you support a certain community incentive? Are you committed to sustainability? All of these can be positive for your brand and will attract clients.

Why are Corporate Videos Important?

Corporate videos are very important to a business in terms of:

  • Launching campaigns
  • Presenting new products and services
  • Showcasing your expertise
  • Attracting job applicants
  • Providing staff training
  • Providing how-to’s and instructions
  • Presenting your business to stakeholders, investors, and other businesses

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