Great customer testimonial videos help get the word out on your business and how great it is. Are you promoting it on your own – or letting others get the word out on your behalf as well?



Word of mouth is a very powerful thing. When it comes to your business and your brand, no matter how much you tell consumers how great you are, showing them is much more powerful – and when you have real clients saying great things about you, you’re guaranteed to succeed. In fact, word-of-mouth advertising is widely considered to be the world’s most effective content marketing tool. This is why you need to consider customer testimonial videos for your brand.


What are Customer Testimonial Videos?

Customer testimonial videos are content marketing videos that include real-life, authentic customers or clients giving their honest feedback on your product or service, in their own words. They are created using a carefully selected pool of your existing clients who volunteer to share genuine and positive feedback on their experience with your brand.


Unlike written reviews, you have control of the result – by filtering out reviewers who may be negative or ambivalent; by asking specific leading questions; and by ensuring the quality of the result reflects your brand.


The ultimate aim of the testimonial video is to create engaging content, create desire, and compel viewers to visit your business and convert.

Why do Testimonial Videos Work so Well?

Consumers worldwide seek out what others have to say about everything from which restaurant to try to which plumber their friends recommend. Personal recommendations are based on others’ user experience – and testimonials share authentic experiences. Of all forms of content marketing, customer testimonials rate as the most effective.


Testimonial videos are more in-depth than a written review. They are also easier for an audience to passively absorb. They suit both visual and auditory learners. When well-produced, they are both popular and shareable.

90% of consumers base their purchase decisions on online reviews.

These videos put a face to the reviewer – lending an unmatched level of authenticity to their review. Like case studies and third-party endorsements, customer testimonial videos are a fantastic method of captivating the attention of your target audience and encouraging them to say “Yes” to your offering.



Testimonial Videos:

Professional, Effective Customer Testimonial Videos: Key Factors

It’s Human – use real, relatable people for credibility and appeal.


It Tells a Story – stories are what make us pay attention. Your testimonial video will see the customer address who they are and their needs, how they came to know your brand, and how your brand satisfied their needs.


It’s Relatable – the customer reflects your target audience so that your audience sees themselves mirrored in your video.


It Has Context – in terms of where and when the video is being produced and where the subject of the video and their story is located.


It is Compelling – creates desire – your audience must feel they want (or even need) to invest their time to watch.


Includes Key Points – give background, explain the need, and how your business fills that need.


It’s Concise – keep video testimonials to between one and three minutes ideally, to ensure that viewers (whose attention spans may not be profound) watch until the end.


It’s Persuasive – viewers will be compelled to visit your website to discover more of the story you tell speaks to their emotions.

Tips for Making a Great Testimonial Video

  1. Ask the right questions – create a questionnaire for your interviewee in advance to elicit answers that are considered, insightful, and honest.

    Example questions include:
    • What was the problem for which you sought our solution?
    • What prompted you to consider our product/service?
    • What benefits have you experienced?
    • What do you like most?
    • Would you recommend this product/service/brand?
    • Is there anything else you’d like to add?

  2. Choose the right customer – the right customer or client for your testimonial video will be authentic and relatable. They will be friendly, likeable and gently persuasive, using their own words as opposed to a script. During the filming process, put your interviewee at ease, be an active and engaged listener, and be specific in your questioning.

  3. Partner with a professional video company – for the very best in lighting and audio quality. They will also provide you with advice and options for the most suitable and realistic filming location with context to support your message. The professional videographer will also have the skills and expertise to edit the footage to create a credible and enjoyable testimonial.

Effective Video Distribution

Share your client testimonial videos widely:  

  • On Your Website
  • On Your Social Media Profiles
  • Via Email Marketing e.g. newsletters
  • Via Your YouTube Channel 

Contact Video Domain

Like case studies and third-party endorsements, customer testimonial videos are a fantastic and highly effective method of captivating the attention of your target audience and encouraging them to say “Yes” to your offering.


Video Domain is a revolutionary platform that connects business owners with professional videographers to create video content that will promote their business. Client testimonial videos are one aspect of this type of video. 


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