At Video Domain, we are passionate about being fit, healthy and holistically happy - that's why we love working in this space.

Do you have a ton of footage already? Let our network of editors give new life to your vision, and really get the most out of your footage for your business.


Our video production services can include changing the speed, messaging or even re-size the entire video to work better as a Facebook or Instagram ad, or turn it into an Instagram story or YouTube pre-roll ad.

"Whether it's Hype Reels for your gym, or Explainer Videos for your next Challenge"

If you’ve already got the footage, send it in and our video production services can turn it into something new.


From a quick meeting, we’ll understand your needs and ideas, and will be able to tailor your footage to suit a specific type of ad, or turn it into a specific type of video – we are ready to go!


Save precious budget by shooting your own footage. Our editors can take your shots and turn them into professional videos, ready for upload. If you wish to shoot your own footage, be sure to talk to one of our expert producers and we can steer you in the right direction, giving you the right advice to make sure you shoot everything the best you can.


Check out our blog on how to shoot professional-looking videos with your smartphone here.

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Not sure what type of video you need?

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