How does it work?

Video Domain is a platform designed to connect businesses who need video content, with creators who specialise in their industry, and that type of video content. It’s the most affordable video production platform that sends in vetted videographers to shoot, edit and execute on your idea.

From planning to upload, Video Domain works with you throughout the entire process to ensure we bring your vision to life.

Why Video Domain?

With our network of creators across Australia, for the first time ever, small to medium businesses can now shoot professional and beautiful looking footage in any city they need. You now have access to our entire directory of shooters, editors, drone pilots, animators, AR/VR specialists and more.

Have your video shoot take place anywhere in Australia!

You can choose your perfect team with specialised video skills anywhere in the country!

Get started creating your video today - it's easy!

Our  simple and quick briefing form will connect you with the right creators for your job.

Not sure what type of video you need?

Book in a free call with one of our expert producers who can guide you and find out more about your needs.

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