How to Create a Corporate Video

Step #1 Know Your Video’s Purpose

Filming corporate videos can be a big investment of your time, so you need to make sure they serve the right purpose. There’s no sense in making a video that doesn’t help your business reach its goals. Are you looking to recruit? To find new customers? To increase brand awareness? There are lots of reasons for creating corporate videos, here are some of the most common ones we come across:

  • Funny videos designed to show off your company and employees’ personalities
  • Informational videos that answer questions and help customers get more from your products
  • Testimonials from happy customers
  • Recruitment videos showing off your team and work environment
  • Videos about your products and services to help attract new customers

When deciding on a purpose you should be specific and do your best to link that purpose to your goals rather than just making videos for the sake of it.


Step #2 Make a Plan

Making a good video takes time and thought. Before you begin, stop and make a solid plan, rather than just rushing into things. You don’t need to be an expert videographer to make a good plan either! Once you’ve decided on the purpose of the video, you’ll need to think about things like budgets, timelines, the equipment you’ll need and finding the customers and staff who’ll appear in the video. It’s also a good idea to write a script you can follow during filming to make sure you’re always working towards the video’s purpose.


Step #3 Find a Story That Connects

Video is a fantastic storytelling medium, and modern customers love it when brands can tell a great story. Pick a story from within your business that both connects with customers and supports the video’s purpose. For example, if you’re making a how-to video, choose an employee who speaks confidently and understands the material. If you’re filming testimonials from happy customers, pick the ones who are most excited about the ways your products or services helped them. 


Step #4 Production Value Matters

We’re living in a world where even amateur filmmakers have access to high-quality cameras, lighting equipment and editing software. Especially when you’re filming a corporate video, it’s important to put your best foot forward by investing in the video’s quality. You need to present your company the way you want your target audience to see you, so your goal should be to publish a video that looks professional and lines up with your branding. Hiring professional videographers is usually a smart move, but you can still do a good job on your own if you invest in a decent camera and tripod.


Step #5 Share with the World

No video is complete until its audience has seen it. If you know who the video is aimed at, then you can figure out where those types of people hang out online and how to connect with them. Hosting the video on Youtube or Vimeo is a great solution that makes it easy for your audience to access. From there, you’ll need to promote it using your social media channels, or through your company website and marketing emails. Think about who you’re trying to reach and how you can get in touch with them most effectively, and then distribute the video through those channels.


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Corporate videos are a great tool for businesses of all sizes. Customers are putting more value on the real connections they can form with businesses, and video is definitely the best way to kickstart those relationships. If you aren’t quite ready to tackle the job of filming a high-quality video yourself, Video Domain is here to help! We partner with experienced videography professionals across Australia who can help your business shoot great videos and reach your goals. Talk to us about your project today and let us take care of the hard work!

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