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We bring you the type of work you want more of – shooting, editing, animating, drone/aerial

You pick what skills you wish to provide on an hourly rate you’re comfortable with!

Why Creators love Video Domain

With video booming . Video Domain will bring the opportunities to you.

Videography jobs at Video Domain

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We take care of finding the work for you. Video Domain produces videos everyday for clients all over Australia. Boost your opportunities as creators, videographers, editors and video professionals.

Work the jobs you want to

Specialise in Your Skills

We’ve broken down the Video Production process into over 20 skills. Do more of the work you want to do by specialising in key parts of the production process, or even a specific niche you love to work in.

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Work with Bigger Brands

Video Domain produces videos for some of Australia’s biggest companies and brands. Some of our brands include Flight Centre, Allied Health Chains, Tourism Brands & Hotel Chains.

Add your speciality

Easy to Use

Our process is easy and simple for creators. Let us take care of the details and you can focus on creating. Everything is right at your fingertips.

Get paid

Get Paid Quicker

Once you finish a job, it’s sent automatically for processing and payment. You don’t have to worry about the paper work or invoicing.

Our Four Identifying Levels For Creators That Work With Us

Our vetting process needs to be thorough and stringent to ensure our high-quality output is maintained across the country, and our projects continue to be delivered fast, and on time. When a creator signs up with Video Domain, they choose their ability level and niche – which we then match up against their gear, software and showreels. Through a two-stage interview process, we carefully select only the right type of people who align with our own core values.


These are talented, up-and-coming creators who are new to the world of content creation.


These are the creators who make content for a living.


These creators have invested some serious dough into their gear and have years of experience.


If you're looking for something mind-blowing and have the budget, these are your creators who have worked on projects for the biggest of brands and shoot, edit and create on the same gear as big-budget Hollywood films.

Our Creators

Our creators are based all over Australia and have all been taken through a detailed vetting process to make sure we are building a team of professionals. We look for three things whenever we give the Video Domain seal of approval to a creator:

Creative Talent

Do their skills, show reels and work meet our standards?


Will they show up on time and complete work on a deadline?


Do they fit in with our culture and will they bring a positive input?


Videographer Networking Nights


We regularly host Creator Networking Nights at Video Domain HQ in Brisbane.


This is a chance for creators to meet like-minded people, with different levels of abilities and skills, and build some really strong industry connections.


We enjoy holding Q + A’s with some of Australia’s most famous directors, producers and camera operators, giving you the chance to meet some real life icons in the video production industry.


If you’re interested in coming to our next Creator Networking Night, register your interest below.

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