Tips for Creating Business Videos

People watching videos now make up 82% of all internet traffic. Videos are a popular format that makes it easy to convey information and allow your business to connect with even more people.


As the internet’s most popular type of content, videos generate about 1200% more engagement than images and text do. The combination of motion and sound is easy for our brains to focus on, so viewers are 9 times more likely to remember your message than if they’d read it on a page. Business videos are a great way to make an impact on customers and we’ve put together some tips on how to shoot better videos for your business.

Make The Video Entertaining and Helpful

Almost 30 years ago Bill Gates famously said “Content is king,” and his words still ring true today. Every piece of content you publish has the potential to drive your business forward. Above all else, the videos you make need to be helpful, entertaining, informative or some combination of the three. Before doing anything else, you need to make a plan that keeps your video on track and makes sure you are delivering something valuable that your customers will want to watch.

Plan Ahead

Keeping your videos short and to the point is the best way to convince your customers to watch. That’s easier said than done, so it’s important to make a plan that can keep your video on track during the recording process:

  • What is the purpose of the video? Do you want people to learn something new, to visit your website, are you promoting a product? Decide on your motivation first and design the video around that.
  • Who is your target audience? Consider the customers you want to reach and where they’ll be watching the video. The style of video will differ depending on where you want to post it and who your audiences are on those platforms.
  • Write a script. You might not need a full script for a short video, but it helps to plan what you’ll be saying and how the video will flow.
  • Do You have the equipment you’ll need? High-quality videos are a must-have for businesses. Quality equipment and editing software is now an expectation, and customers will engage more with videos that look professional and polished.

Shooting High-Quality Videos

Good cameras, lighting equipment and editing software are far more accessible than ever before. If you don’t want to invest in buying or renting professional equipment, the phone in your pocket shoots great video, and with some preparation, you can still create an excellent result.

  • Find the right location. When possible, the video should be shot in a quiet location that isn’t too busy or distracting for viewers.
  • Lighting. Good sunlight or plenty of indoor lighting is usually good enough for most videos, just be careful about having bright light sources like open windows in the background.
  • Set up your camera. Most phones and cameras work well on their default settings, but you may want to play around with shutter speed, aperture and ISO to improve the picture quality.
  • Shoot in landscape mode. You should be shooting video in landscape mode unless you’re specifically making filming for a platform like Instagram.
  • Look presentable. Make sure your clothes are ironed and not too heavily patterned, stand up straight, speak clearly and make sure to smile and maintain a friendly demeanour. 

Video content can be a huge win for businesses of all types. It helps create engagement, customer relationships and spread information more effectively than any other form of content. But filming quality footage can be difficult, so professional help from Video Domain can go a long way! We’ve put together a network of experienced video shooters who can show off the very best of what your company has to offer. Talk to us about your video project today if you’d like to know more.

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