Tell your story with an animation video

Animation video can be an incredibly powerful storytelling tool, and can often be the perfect way for businesses and brands to demonstrate their products, services or tackle messages that are too hard to demonstrate. Animations are a great way to master the way in which a message is communicated with an audience.


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From standard animations to bringing your logo characters to life to full service animations – Video Domain has the creators that can deliver! If you’ve already got your brief, storyboards and scripts ready to go, or if you’re starting from scratch – it’s no problem! We can bring your vision for an animation video to life.


Animation videos road map

1. Complete your Video Domain brief

This helps us all get on the same page as your vision for the video, because with animation particularly, like websites, changes can be expensive. This also helps us to get a grip on your target audience, business goals, key messages and takeaways, and the call-to-action you’re trying to encourage.


2. Style-Frames, Script and Storyboard

No matter what type of animation you envision, 2D, 3D, stop motion or motion-graphics – or even whiteboard explainers, we help you find the best style to effectively communicate your message with your audience.


3. Professional Voice-overs

Video Domain has access to over 2000 different and unique voices in Australia – not to mention the tens of thousands of voices all around the world. Selecting the right voice for your animation is critical as it sets the tone to the entire video. When selecting your voice, it’s that same as every step in your entire marketing plan, is this going to relate to my target audience. Male, female, young, old, metro, country, rugged, accent? It all matters!


4. Are we advertising overseas?

Animations are super easy to localise to any country or region, as all you’re really needing to do is change the voice over. Videos perform much better when they’re local to the region you’re advertising in.

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