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Customer Testimonials, People Profiles & Case Studies are the most efficient content tool at a marketing teams disposal to convert viewers into customers. Video Domain works with over 200 professional videographers, all over Australia to create videos just like this end-to-end. Work with one of our dedicated to Producers from concept to delivery and start creating videos that generate a return on investment.

Rocket your word-of-mouth

Existing customers will act as brand advocates, and positive word-of-mouth (WOM) about your brand can help you win more customers. Testimonial videos will help you create your own word-of-mouth.

Let your customers tell stories

People relate to other people and stories they hear. Sometimes we see ourselves in other people. So let your customers tell stories to attract like-minded people to your brand.

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How to get started creating customer testimonial videos

So you have decided you would like to film some customers speaking on camera about the way you’ve helped them. Whether that be through your services rendered or products sold, customer testimonials are a great way to get your success stories told by raving fans rather than in your own words. This can have a huge impact when converting people who are already in the market. Testimonials are a powerful middle of funnel tool that can help you turn traffic into sales fast. But how do you get started?

1. Pick your customers

Seems obvious, however picking the right customers may be a tricky task. We recommend starting with the raving fans. Every business knows its raving fans, and these are the best customers to launch your testimonial videos for you. 

2. Write down how you helped

Start to think about how you have had an impact on these people. Write down all of the ways you believe you’ve helped them. This will form the basis of how we structure our questions. Another super important thing to consider is attracting people just like these customers. So having a sound understanding of their customer journey is key.

3. Create a list of questions

We have a very templated list of questions we keep in the drawers at Video Domain HQ however it’s best to structure your questions around your customers journey so that it becomes a real conversation. On shoot day, our Producer will be asking these questions, so it’s important to know exactly what we need as an outcome from the beginning.

4. Book your testimonial shoot via our app

Lastly book in your video testimonial shoot via our app. You can access this on the button below, or through the appstores. Pick the type of testimonial you’d like to film, and if you’re not sure at any stage – book in a call and we can get you on the right path straight away.

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