Customer Testimonial Videos

Customer testimonials videos are hot property on the digital advertising scene right now.


What’s better than having real customers talking about how great your services, products and businesses are? Testimonials, case studies and other types of third-party endorsements are a great alternative to tip your prospects into being a conversion!


When it comes to building trust and informing your target audience about how good you, your service or your products are, testimonial videos have almost become like an online referral.


They’re a fantastic tool for gaining instant rapport and competency in your prospects eyes. These types of videos work best for when your clients are at the decision stage of their buyer’s journey. So by this point, your potential customers are aware that they have a problem or need, and have found you among the better options they have to fulfill said problem or need,  BUT they are not sure if they should sign with you or not. So these customer testimonial videos are the little nudge they need to take the next step.


Before making that big final step, potential customers tend to pay a considerable amount of attention to what other people say about your product or service. Short videos with your past clients talking about how great you are and how you changed their situation or solved their problem, are videos used by marketers to raise conversions.


Video Domain create customer testimonial videos everyday for different businesses. They have quickly become one of the most popular marketing tools for businesses today. 

Testimonial Video

Customer Testimonial Videos and Case Studies are a fantastic way to authentically showcase your products and services. They're like a third party endorsement, and when produced correctly, they can yield strong results.
$ 850
  • Production Management
  • 5 Hours Shooting & Editing
  • 1 Round of Online Revisions
  • 4 Day Turnaround
  • Lighting and Wireless Microphones
SAVE $400

People Profiles

You can use Video Domain to connect with creators and teams who specialise in producing People Profiles, Piece-to-Cameras, Elevator Pitches, Interviews, Presentations and Hero Videos.


Advertising is no longer about how well you can sell, but how well you can tell. People Profile’s help your business to create stories behind anyone who matters to your brand. Dive into the workplace and help your potential customers understand the vibes and culture inside of your business, talk to your customers and turn written testimonies into engaging videos. People Profile videos are ideal for creating a community around your brand.

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