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Real estate video has become a huge part of the successful marketing or a home or property. Video Domain is loved by real estate agents & property groups all over Australia. 



Why? Because we are the only video production service that can provide you with talented and specialised creators when and where you need them. The fact that you can build your team of shooters, editors and drone pilots means that you have complete control over how much you want to spend and the quality of video you need for each listing. Our editors are based all around Australia which means your shooters aren’t slowed down in the editing process, and can keep the camera’s rolling.



In the fast-paced life of an agent, convenience is key, and Video Domain’s entire business model is built around convenience. Both with your time, and money.



Boost your listings, sales, foot-traffic at opens and more importantly, your personal brand on digital media? We have the right video project for any goal in mind. Whether your looking for cinematic videos showcasing your new listing, drone aerials, lifestyle videos with models and cars or something a little more “Million Dollar Listings”, build your team of creators with Video Domain, and bring your Real Estate marketing to life.

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