What Should A Promotional Video Include?

Above all else, the most important element of a promo video for your brand is quality. This does not just mean quality footage but also quality content. It is also important to know what you are attempting to achieve before you dive into creating promotional content. Below, Video Domain has outlined the steps to creating an effective promotional video.

Who Is Your Target Audience?

It is critical before you begin to dive into creating videos, and before you hit record on your camera, to know and understand your target viewer. What is going to engage them? What do they want to watch and hear? What is going to make them keep watching? Knowing who you’re talking to is the easiest way to grow your video engagement. Strategically creating a video to target a specific audience is one of the most effective elements to a video, and yet is often skipped or barely mentioned. At Video Domain, the target viewer is at the centre of every production decision we make, so your video gives you a return on investment through either growing your brand, generating leads or sales, or growing your online following.

What Is Your Goal?

It is important to ensure that your video only has one goal. The question you should ask yourself is why am I creating a video? The answer to this question should help you decide on your goal for your video. You may be creating a video for any number of reasons, to increase brand awareness, promote a new product, or even educate your customers. The important thing to note is that your video should only have one goal. If you have multiple goals, then it may be necessary to create multiple videos.

What Is Your Direction?

Now that you know ‘why’ you are making your video, the next step is to choose your ‘how’. What type of video is going to be the best way to convey your desired message to your target audience? Is your video going to use narrative structure or explain how something works? Making sure you are matching your video style to your goal is an important step in creating your promotional video.

Be Direct

A lot of people forget that you only have a short amount of time to convey your message in your promotional video. As such, it is important to be direct when conveying your message to your target audience. Being clear and to the point also helps to keep your audience engaged as they do not become confused or misinterpret your message.

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